Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Signs He Isn't Over His Ex

While im looking something interesting 4 me to read about, i found this article..
Juz wan 2 share with u..
can u imagine if ur boyfren still have da feeling to his ex..
So Dammmnnnnnn cruel.....
so, hope u all find happiness in da relationship...

5 sign He isn't over his ex...

1. He wasted no time before jumping into his next relationship.
>>> Wow.. i think all da boys nowdays like that.. Always got a new GF so fast after break with his Ex...

2. He fell for you before his relationship ended.
>>> All da girls i think should watch out with this.. So, da moral is, always b care 2 ur BF.. so that he wouldn't run from u...huhu... da important 4 da girls" don't dare seducing da boys who in relationship"..Avoid them..uuhu

3. When its comes to his ex, he only deals in extremes..
>>>da writer said...“If he’s talking about his ex constantly, and she’s either the most wonderful thing in the world or the most terrible thing in the world, but it’s unrealistic, you need to ask him about his role in the agree too..

4. He can't break the string.
>>> sometimes, da boys still got in touch with his ex.. but sometimes might be not..

5. He obsesses over the remnants of the relationship.
>>>Let him know we’re open to talking about his exes??????..
no... didn't agree.. da past is past... juz take care n focus on da new relationship...

Huh.. dunno what am i talking bout.. that was my opinion only.. but if u have different or opposite opinion n assumptions.. jUst share with me.. Different person got different thought..^^

Share with me if ur partner still attached to his ex???

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specky said...

i do agree with the fourth point.
i think its okay for him to still keep in touch with her friend i mean

SoLy SoLicious said...

As a fren might b ok..