Monday, April 19, 2010

a love advisor...???

thinking like i was a counselor..haha
Juz now, some1 ask my opinion n advice bout her problems with her BF..
in da relationship, i think we shud considerate to each other..
so i hope her relationship between her Bf will keep longer..
Of coz everyone wants their relationship stay longer till die huh..
I juz give her da advice that i think its relevant..
(easier way 2 say is..relevant opinion)
coz im not da expert one to settle down da complicated relationship..
hahah..can't tell here..private...
but u all will noe soon...

So.. here i'll give u 5 tips on how to keep da relationship keep in longer..
(my own recipe okay..didnt copy from others..)

plus.. u can check her/his networking or frens..
so that u cant easily got wrong to ur partner..
So,.. Hope u will always happy till the end..

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