Saturday, May 15, 2010

MaSs Marketing...


Do recycle!!!!! Save the earth... Be Aware!!!
keep Old newspaper, magazine, bottles, platics 2 recycle..
Prevent waste, Pollution..
Let's Green.. Let's do it..

Name of programme : Mass Marketing
Date : 15th Of may 2010
Venue : Section 4 of Bangi area
Handle By : secreteriat Of Security & Transportion

All da stuff tat we got collect 2day..

MAss mARKETing..wat is it???
aCTually, mass marketing is 1 of da programme under da Secreteriat oF "pesta Konvokesyen 38".We were going 2 collect da recycle things tat cn be used..tats our mission..Collect as much as we can..going & visit home by home..
Its aso give us awareness bout da environmental restoration..Tats da main objective..
As i can see, during ma experience in tis programme, there's many type of people's behaviour in tat housing area.. Some of them are so cool & sporting then giving us many kind of usefull stuff tat cn be recycle.. bUT, some look so hard 2 cooperate with us.. we're dont mind, couse we're got no element of compulsion in tis programme..
Results, we're got so many things to recycle...4 example, old newspapers, books, television, refrigerator, washing machine, scrap metal so many more..
As cn c in da photos above, tats was all da stuff in ma checkpoint collected by ma team..
Then, all those stuff r going 2 send 2 recycle centre...
cONGRATES to ma team & all da members of "Pesta Konvokesyen 38"...
U R AWESOME.!!!!!!!!
gud Job...
Cant believe tat we can collect tat many..
Credits 2 all...
Tis Programme really give us awereness bout environmental recovery, & da Collaboration between da members...
so, 4 Da Conclusion, we're really exaushted but happy..

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