Thursday, June 3, 2010

Balik Kampung

A message had received..
Then i've read it...
It was my sister..
She says..
"We'll a family want 2 return home tis weekend.. R u going with us??"
so, immediately i replied.."yes.for sure...i wanna folow them.."
so, tommorow after class, i'll be leaving UKM, ma PK38's family,cousin, for a few days..
perhaps till tis mondAY..
who know??
emm..pray 4 our safety in da travel..
Hope all will working as well as usuall...

p/s.. 1- cant wait 2 c ma lovely m & d
2- revenge 2 ma cousin 4 leaving me alone last weekend..haha..
3- Miss ma mother's cooking...yuummm.... ^^

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