Friday, June 11, 2010

Demam WorLd Cup 2010


Who's gonna hold da trophy tis year??? France??Argentina?? spain?? brazil??
or maybe England tat waiting tis golden chance to improve they can get it???
so many question coming out.,.
whatever..hope da bes team gonna win.. gonna said da stripe blue & white team (Argentina) gonna win.. hope so..
Messi is da best world player now.. So, nothing impossible if they can get tat trophy.. all da bes 2 them..

ma Favourite team..


England (Hope they will give da bes perfomance on field)

Brazil (hope Kaka will show his best..)

Germany(hope they can play well without Ballack.. me Luv Miroslave klose)

SPain.. (after winning da Eufa cup, hope they will play well)

My favourite Player World Cup 2010 ..
of Course Messi r qualified..

y m i choose him???
Although he doesnt have good looking/actractive face like others player like CR,Miroslave klose,Bekham,GerradRio Ferdinand, But he had da most awesome & wonderfull skill on field..
He made me feel dazzled & amazed looking at his skill on filed.. his touching like a magic..U r not going dispointed looking at his game.. He like da new rebranding of Maraddona..
hope he will bring da golden trophy in tis huge tournment 4ever...

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