Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon Apetis with da guess.. Alice in Wonderland

This is me with da VIP..imported from "No where???" (Queen of heart & Mad hatter)

Me was so lucky coz get 2 take a picture with da fake alice in wonderland main character.. Althoug it was juz a fake, at least, its look like reak one..
credits to da creators..
Its was shown in KLCC tat i've aready went there last week... dunno either its still there or not now..
But, there's a warning to not touch & sit there..haha..
u know me.. stubborn..haha..
without concerned i juz sit there & taking picture with ma cousin..
dun care what people going to talk bout us.. as long as we were happy on that day..^^
On that time also we were lucky coz da guard didnt chase us out from that replica of alice in da wonderland's character..

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