Saturday, May 29, 2010

HealTh comunities day Programme..

Today on 29/05.. was an awesome day..
we're held a programme called health comunities day..
me had given a task .. to be an usher. with ma frens fieza..
we're usher da an official council from da begining to the end of programme..
What i can say is, da programme was held succesfully..its was everyone in da PK 38 was showing all their commitments in tis programme.. All stat r belongs to u all PK38..
without tis members, AJKD, tis programme didnt come out successfully...believe it..
Im pround to be 1 of da PK 38's family..
together always..
hope da coming pra-convo programme is held successfully too.. begin to nervous now...
Allah..Please make this way r easy for me to get through it..
also to da all PK38's family..
i now we can do it... believe on working together..dont make it all alone..

P/s : RTM also make a live broadcast with our programme.. thanks a lot to RTM..

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