Monday, May 24, 2010

A day in KLCC

Yesterday was a great day .. Me & ma cousin were going to KLCC just to fill up our boring time..
So, we 're plan to go to KLCC... it's was an awesome journey.. We're going there at 12 in da afternoon.. we're decided to visit aquaria.. Unfortunately, I've forgot to bring my matric card.. cause, if we enter by using our matric card, they will give us da student's price.. Then my fren, z giving me her college card.. so she use her matric card then me use her college card & we paid in da different counter so that we're unsuspicious..The student's price only RM25.. Actually the entrance fees for adult is RM35.. & children is RM25.. Juz if u pay with showing Mykad/mykid.. If not , u need pay like foreigners cause they need to pay more..(differents fees)
In aquaria, i can c a lot of creatures.. There are also reptiles such as snakes and lizards on display along with a wide variety of insects. .. besides that, aquaria KLCC also has an amazing display of fish, from sand tiger sharks to blue rays and giant arapaimas to gar fish. was a great experience that we cant get it anywhere.. so if u r really interested, come n visit aquaria.. u will never regret..

My new fren "shark" Undersea Walkway (Underwater Tunnel)


from My reading, themed around two of the world ’ s major rainforests Malaysia and the amazon,aquaria KLCC exhibits terrestrial, fresh water and marine creatures and it is also the first in Southeast Asia to exhibit the rare Sand Tiger Sharks from South Africa.The aquarium is also home to monkey-eating catfish from Endau Rompin, sharks from Singapore and the endangered fresh water tortoise called “ Chitra-chitra ” which were saved from the cooking pot. It was interesting right.. Feel like unsatisfied go there once...Wanna go there more..HIhihi

A woderfull trip to KLCC.. Juz 4 of us..

P/S ::; pabila melawat aquaria.. detik hatiku berkata.. indahnya makhluk ciptaan Allah..tiada tolak bandingnya.. keunikan makhluk yang pelbagai yang diciptakanNya merasakan diri ini teramatlah hina.. sayu..terpesona..kagum..Agungnya ciptaanMu ya Allah..

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