Sunday, May 23, 2010

Disease of Af8 in da end of peak..

are u one who has the AF8 diseases ?

seems everyone was none-stop talking bout AF8 now..especially juz now they alredy noe da winner..shahir.... So i've didnt waste da time to talk bout it too..
But, in ma side(opinion) is different.. I hate AF8 damn much.. dun care what u all gonna talk bout...
Y i hate it????
1st- i hate da Judges especially adlin.. 4 me the way he give da comments like he didnt hve enough knowledge bout da music..poor him
2nd- i hate all da students in tat academy... 4 me, they all too "gedik & poyo".. Yuuukksss....
3rd- cheap publicities
4th- wasting time watch their boring concert..
5th- their perfomance's outfit really make ma eyes hurt damn much.. like didnt hve enogh money to wear smthing better & cover up da body(aurat 4 da girls)
6th-they all like instant food... we eat then we throw it...
7th- always make a lot of problems... & no all of them were successfull in singing after going out from Academic..

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Anonymous said...

aku suka shahir