Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life in PK 38..

me wrote tis while enjoy da bonamana's song from SUJU..
Suddenly come up in ma mind to write bout da PK 38 tat i joined from da last sem..
Actually, i wanna write bout tis a long time ago..but i didnt have enough idea wat im gonna write about.. But its doesnt mean in tis text me write it all complete...
Gonna improve it nex time.. ^^
thanks 4 willing stop here 2 read ma boring story..
Arigato, kamsamimnda.. ^^
Lets read!!


Hedayah hassaN & me

There a lot of story behind da PK 38..
PK is shotfom from words Pesta Konvokesyen 38..

Y i join tis???
Coz i wanna feel da experience..Work in responsible in da given task..
so many things to do..but da important is, im feel great in tis society.. All da members r awesome...

In Addition..Dayah, ma ex-classmate invited me to join under her secreteriat "Perhubungan awam" or well known as "Protokol".. so like a golden chance tat cant miss..i join it without any concerns..........
when da 1st time im in tis family of PK 38, i feel differents... feel like i was too small,..Not in our physical size but in experience..(less experience).. me..But day by day, i improved ma self 2 complete da task...^^..make it not complicated....tat was so fun...believe it...
I was so touched when elected as da treasurer of ma secreteriat.(Protokol)
Sometimes there could be misuderstood in da given task or misscomunication between da recipient and provider information... so we must alert of all tat..
Day by day.. me hve learn a lot...from da senior..they all so sporting.. & help & guide us..
Of coz they shud do tat coz they r more experience than da junior..
Now..we're like a real family.. every night we're gathering 4 da nite briefing... tat was da time tat we're meet..coz during da ofiz hour, some of them r too busy wif class/ else commitment 2 do..
at last but not least..i've noe many frens now..even da senior..they all kind.. Love them all...
Who r we??? PK 38 of coz

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