Friday, May 21, 2010

Hari Masyarakat Sihat

ehem2..Voice testing..3.2.1

u r all invited to attend da healthy community day program..Date, time & place r shown in da picture above.. so, dont miss tis opportunities..Let's keep healthy..let us practice healthy living..
in tis programme, i'll be da usher 4 da closing ceremony.. but, b4 tat, i 've given da task 2 stay at da checkpoint and handle it 4 da explorace game..
A weeks days to go.. Still wonder how could it happen soon..
Hope everything gonna be fine..
Everyone has worked hard 2 tis program.. in tis prgramme, 4 da protokol, ma ex-rumet hastri with ain gonna handle it..
Me already given a job..tat is handle da debate on 18-20 of june... with fieza..
All da things almost done, perhaps 55%.. Juz wait till da day is coming..(debate)
I was nervous too.. thinking how its gonna happen...???

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