Friday, August 6, 2010

you are welcome to visit the fiesta of the convocation organnized by secretariat of Pesta Konvokesyen 38 UKM.
We have lots of programme during the fiesta. Such as concert by our sponsor's artis :six-sense (DIGI), International culture show, Puisidra sains,A&W Attractive and Wonderfull kids and many more. ^^
Come on and enjoy with us in this fiesta..
For UKM students, we're provided a bus speacial 4 convo fiesta, so that all of u are easily to go to Dataran Gemilang.. ^^

Hadirin dijemput hadir bagi memeriahkan pesta konvokesyen ke 38 anjuran pestan konvokesyen UKM..

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