Monday, March 14, 2011

StoryNory : Senda pagi

Sebuah Analogi menarik pernah di reka oleh teman saya "jefri"
Andai dunia tiada hiburan,
ibarat sebuah pasar malam sepi tanpa pengujung..

Hiburan yang bagaimana??
Anda boleh baca di blog saudara ini :)

P/s : presentation !!! fening pulak ~~

8 pasang kasut tumit tinggi:

Siti Hajar Masri said...

presentation plg sy x suka..:)

JEFRI said...

hihi.ingat lagi time debat mmp..

SoLy SoLicious said...

@ akak siti.. sy pun ta suke.. heee

@ jeff.. sentiasa dlm ingtn.. heee

ch!natsu said...

nice.. btol kata saudara tuh..
byk cr utk berhibur sbnrnya tp yg mndatangkan kebaikan..

gud luck presentation.. =)

sya hassan said...

mmg btul.. idup nie xbest kalo xde hiburan.. tpi biarlah berpde2.. xgitu?? :)

SoLy SoLicious said...

heee... hiburan yg berpada2..

Okay.. next,notes tuk seoarang anonymous.. the way u write i thonk i noe who u r.. sorry.. but i stand on my reason.. Y am i state my name on it?
im doing it for fun even that pictures r not taken by me.. so, y u r so care? care that i will sued??
out there,many thousand people whom use the others pic as theirs.. Who cares about copyright anymore? with the technology nowdays, anything can happen.. hey !! please dun day dream.. if the amazon company really want to sue people who use their picture, can u image how uncounted people out there they are gonna sue?? please be indipendence mind and get some fresh air.. i think u in the wrong mood rite now... soory for the broken english.. dun understand still???use technology that u have. :p
thanks 4 ur comments.. i will look into it..
comments me a lot next time ok..
Dun be shy to put ur name on it..
U use anonymous is like u scare urself.. haha.. just joke..

yua said...

sabor2 soly.. kite bakor jer anon tu.

oppss. anon jgn serang blog sayer pulak. peace..

Anonymous said...