Monday, July 9, 2012

Tips for success in the workplace

1. Dress appropriately. When you applied for your current job, you dressed appropriately. Continue to do so in the workplace. Make sure your clothes and hair are neat and clean. Don’t be too casual, even if your company has a casual dress code. Avoid overwhelming perfume and heavy makeup. It’s best to be conservative. Stay away from overly bright colors and wear small appropriate jewellery

2. Timing is everything. Always arrive on time. Don’t while away your day making small talk with other employees and don’t make personal calls while you’re on company time. Complete the work you’ve been assigned as quickly as possible—and when you’re done ask for more. If you use your time intelligently, you won’t have to take work home to finish it. 

 3. Don’t use or take things that aren’t yours. Don’t make personal copies at work. Don’t take company office supplies home for your personal use

 4. Keep quiet. It’s likely you’ll overhear conversations while you’re sitting in your cube. Make it your policy to not repeat what you hear. 

 5. Practice the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

 6. Be cooperative and flexible. You may not like a lot of the work that you are asked to do, but do it cheerfully anyway. Show that you’re someone the company can depend on. Always do your best and show your boss that you can be counted on

 7. Maintain your self-respect. Remember, you’re working to satisfy your needs—money, advancement, recognition, etc. Don’t stay in a job that doesn’t challenge you. Move on to one that keeps you working toward your overall career goals. 

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